The Problem

Managing a team of technicians is always a challenge specially when they are located in different locations. The traditional way almost makes it impossible to achieve the level of service customers expect. Since technicians are mobile and always on the go the transfer to data

Client’s Proposed Solution

To allow them to help manage techs using a service system that allows area controllers and technicians to collaborate remotely. They proposed that we built a simple system on the web for service supervisors to access and schedule jobs whereas the technicians can see their daily tasks via  ipads, quote, invoice and make changes to jobs.



Final Solution with Our Output

After reviewing the client’s proposal we added a few features such as Smart Scheduling (Auto-scheduling based on various parameters), AI to suggest solutions to problems even before the occur, advance analytics to forecast and notify for predictive maintenance.

Application Features

Job Scheduler

Techs Performance

Cloud Based

Track & Trace Real Time

App in Action


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